Since the company is established, it has been committed to the expansion of the international air cargo transportation, after years of hard work has accumulated rich experience in air cargo, There is a  good cooperative relations with major airlines .We make Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou airports  as the center of development. At the same time, we actively expand in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East , Africa and other global cargo import and export from the business. The experience of treatment of various goods mature, with high efficiency, saving the cost of air for the pursuit of goals.

■ Offer of economy  air transport services

■ Provide air, sea, land multimodal transport services

 Provide import and export customs clearance, customs, commodity inspection, airportoperation and ground, air and land transport services supervision.

 To provide charter fresh, hanging, special and bonded goods transport services.

■ Provide relevant goods packaging, warehousing, distribution services